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The acai berry is a very popular dietary supplement today. The main reason the berry is so popular is because of the wide variety in the health benefits that have been attributed to the acai plant. Some of the benefits that acai berries offer are: increased circulation, anti-oxidant power, high levels of energy and vitality, and weight loss. Acai berries have 30-40% more antioxidants than red wine or grapes alone. This makes them a super-food. Because the berries are hard to transport and keep fresh, many Power or juice supplements have been created to capture the acai berry power. Acai Amazon products offer several different forms of the berry including capsules, Powers, and juice.

Acai Amazon Review

The Acai Amazon products come in several different forms. They are organic, and approved by the FDA for consumption. Acai Amazon offers three forms of their products: Juice, Power, and capsule form. The Acai Amazon line of products claims to offer the health benefits of vitality, energy, increased health, and weight loss. Most people who have taken Acai Amazon are happy with the results, but there are still many mixed reviews. Some believe that the products offer stellar health benefits, while others feel the supplements have almost no effect on their bodies.

Acai Amazon Ingredients

The ingredients in Acai Amazon are simple. The capsules and Power forms contain freeze-dried ground acai berries. The juice is acai juice that has been extracted from the berries. There is no concrete information about whether or not the juice is watered down at all. It is likely that there is a portion of the juice that is water, because the acai berry juice is quite thick, and would be very expensive straight.

Acai Amazon Cost

The cost of Acai Amazon products varies. The cost for a bottle of capsules is $39.99. A container of Acai Amazon Power costs $39.94. The juice is $104.97 per 32 ounce bottle. The juice is more expensive because more acai berries go into making that than the capsules.

Acai Amazon Free Trial

There is no free trial for Acai Amazon products. The best offer shown is free shipping on some of the capsule bottles. If larger quantities of Acai Amazon are ordered then the price goes down, but none of the products are given away.

Does Acai Amazon work?

Acai Amazon has received some of the most publicity of all of the acai supplements out there despite some bad reviews. However, the mere popularity of the products may taint the reviews toward a more positive slant. There is no evidence that Acai Amazon products offer more health benefits than other, similar products. All acai berry products offer great health benefits for the body.

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