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Acai Berry Power 500 Review

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It’s hard to recall a bigger craze in weight loss products than the Acai Berry trend. Ever since this wonder berry made a splash on top TV talk shows, seemingly every product that hits store shelves is boasting Acai Berry in its formula.
Among this laundry list of supplements is Acai Berry Power 500. Like other similar products, Acai Berry Power 500 claims to drastically improve your health and overall quality of life. But does this supplement really live up to its bold claims? Read this Acai Berry Power 500 review to find out.

Acai Berry Power 500 Ingredients

acai berry power 500 reviewThe ingredients are the most important factor in the effectiveness of a weight loss supplement. It’s crucial that a supplement not only contains the right ingredients, but that it also contains the right amount of them. Acai Berry Power 500 is made up of a proprietary blend on natural Acai Berries. This is certainly a positive as you don’t have to worry about the product being watered down by other useless ingredients. However, based on the results of our testing, one does have to question the potency of their blend simply because it didn’t produce as significant results as other similar products.

Acai Berry Power 500 Cost

The main turnoff of Acai Berry Power 500 is its cost. The product is flat out expensive. A month’s supply of Acai Berry Power 500 will set you back about $90. Stretch that cost out over a year, and you can see how quickly the bills will add up. We believe there are much more effective and more affordable Acai Berry supplements available on the market.

Does Acai Berry Power 500 Work?

Unfortunately, there is no solid proof that Acai Berry Power 500 actually produces the results it claims to. Our tests found that it was the 3rd most effective Acai-based supplement. While it wasn’t a complete dud, it just wasn’t as potent as some of the other products we tested.

Instead, we recommend trying a stronger, more affordable Acai Berry supplement like Acai Balance. This is a potent supplement with all of the benefits of organic Acai at an affordable price. 

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