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Elite Acai Blast Review

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Created from the magical berry grown near Brazil and other parts of South America, Elite Acai Blast’s makers maintain that their supplement contains some of the highest concentrations of the acai berry. The acai berry is loaded with antioxidants anthocyanins, similar to those found in red wine and grape juice, but with greater potency. These properties of acai blast are said to benefit cardiovascular health, circulation and may assist in weight loss, although Elite Acai Blast is not fool proof and not a miracle worker.

Elite Acai Blast Ingredients

Elite acai blast is made up of eight natural herbs, including of course, acai berry; it is 100% natural and it serves as a means to cleanse your system and also energizes the body. The manufacturers tout Elite Acai Blast as a one pill wonder that will help you lose weight without going on a diet -- although other reviews have differing opinions. The Elite Acai Blast is supposed to assist your system in flushing out unhealthy toxins and other unwanted byproducts from a noxious environment. It’s hard to say if individuals actually have 5, 10 or 20 pounds of toxic buildup in their digestive track, as stated on some of their websites, or if a single pill could cleanse out those extra pounds. It may also prevent gas, constipation and bloating, which could make a person feel better but not necessarily assist in losing weight.     

Elite Acai Blast Trial

A free trial of Elite Acai Blast is available and those interested only have to pay shipping and handling. There is some confusion though. When clicking on the free trial of Elite Acai Blast another product page pops up. This page markets the Elite Acai as first and foremost a weight loss supplement that says it’s possible to flush pounds without going on a diet. If you are confused, you should contact the makers of Elite Acai Blast to clear up their trial offer.

Elite Acai Blast Scam

It seems that people all over the country have been scammed by Elite Acai Blast representatives. Credit card numbers were given but no products were ever shipped out, but the credit cards were charged exorbitant amounts for a product that never arrived – even after numerous complaints and cancellation requests. Credit cards were also charged on subsequent months for products that were never ordered.

It’s imperative to read the fine print on every “free trial” or offer. Just because a company says it will do something does not mean they will live up to their end of the deal. If there are no rules or requirements regarding the offer in plain sight (all guidelines should be in clear view or at least one click away) stay clear of the company.

An alternative to Elite Acai Blast is Acai Balance. The manufacturers use sustainably-harvested acai berry extract, green tea, mangosteen and pomegranate. These four ingredients provide antioxidant power and teamed with a healthy diet and exercise can help cleanse your system and, consequently, assist you in losing weight. It’s not a miracle worker, but Acai Balance is proven to work and facilitate weight loss, if you’re willing work with it.   Read our Acai Balance review.

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