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Acai Berry Breeze Review

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Acai Berry Breeze is a new acai berry supplement that’s earned a lot of attention in a short amount of time. Unfortunately, most of this attention has been negative. With consumers claiming they were ripped off in a free trial scam and talk about an Acai Berry Breeze class action lawsuit, we had a lot to consider when performing our Acai Berry Breeze reviews.

First, let’s talk about what the company says about its product. When you visit the Acai Berry Breeze website, the first thing you see is “Feel Great! Look Great! Get a flatter stomach!” This is another acai berry supplement being touted as a way to lose weight fast. The company even says their product is “Rated #1 anti-oxidant”, which caught our attention.

So, does Acai Berry Breeze work? Or is Acai Berry Breeze a scam? Keep reading our review to find out the truth!

Is Acai Berry Breeze a Scam?

We never like to throw around the “s” word, but all signs point to Acai Berry Breeze being just that…a scam. Why do we say that? First, the number of negative reviews for Acai Berry breeze is overwhelming. Finding a positive third-party review of Acai Berry Breeze proved to be an almost impossible task. Simply put, customers aren’t happy with the lack of results they’ve gotten with Acai Berry Breeze.
But that’s not the only reason people call this product a scam. There’s the whole money issue. Customers claim they’re being overcharged for Acai Berry Breeze, and that they continue to be charged each month for a product they don’t want.

Read on to learn about the dangers of the Acai Berry Breeze free trial.

Acai Berry Breeze Free Trial

The Acai Berry Breeze free trial is what lures most customers in. They think they can try out the product for free, meaning they have nothing to lose. Unfortunately, what they don’t realize is that they have to cancel their trial within 14 days to avoid being charged on a monthly basis for more orders of Acai Berry Breeze.

But even those who know this claim that cancelling the trial is nearly impossible. Many customers have said that no information on returning the product is sent to them. Others have said that when they called the number given to them, another company answered the phone. Meanwhile, charges keep adding up, with customers paying hundreds of dollars for products they don’t want at all.

Acai Berry Breeze Class Action Suit

Based on the overwhelming dissatisfaction, there’s been a lot of talk about an Acai Berry Breeze class action lawsuit. Simply put, customers are mad, and they want the charges to stop and their money back.

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