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Acai 500 Review

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Used for decades to increase stamina and boost the immune system, Acai Berries come from a certain type of palm tree in the Amazon rainforest. Acai Berries have antioxidant qualities that help control free radicals throughout the body.

Acai 500 Review

Acai 500 claims to detoxify the body using a natural cleansing process. Acai 500 advertises that Hollywood stars love it and it’s the hottest new diet supplement available. Acai 500 uses stars to promote the product, but there are no direct endorsements from any of the stars on the website. Other ads claim that Acai 500 improves the digestive system and is a sleeping aid. Website advertisements claim that Acai 500 lowers bad cholesterol and it supposedly increases good cholesterol, by reducing free radicals that cause tissue damage. Acai 500 has an auto-ship program in place that seems to be an expensive way to achieve the benefits that Acai 500 supposedly offers its supporters.

Acai 500Acai 500 Ingredients

  • 500 mg of Acai Extract
  • Modified Cellulose
  • Magnesium Stearate
  • Silicon Dioxide

Acai 500 Cost

Acai 500 suggests that you take 2 to four tablets a day. A bottle of 120 capsules is $16.80, which is about a month’s supply.

Acai 500 Free Trial

The Acai 500 website offers a 14 day free trial when you pay the shipping and handling charges of $4.99--then set up on auto-ship, which means if you don’t cancel your free trial before the 14-day period, you will be charged $16.80.

Does Acai 500 Work?

All natural supplements can help improve the energy level or boost the immune system when a balanced diet that includes fruits and vegetables and an exercise program, are part of the daily routine. Diet, exercise, and eight to ten glasses of water a day, along with a supplement that has the ingredients to assist the body in fighting illness, are a good idea when it is a complete package and is used on a regular basis. Reviews written by people who have used Acai 500 are mixed. Some claim they did not get any results from Acai 500, others said they felt better. There are several Acai Berry products on the market that claim to enhance the immune system, detoxify the body and reduce weight, but the one that seems to be the most effective is Acai Balance.

Acai Balance flushes the waste from your system, flattens the tummy and burns fat. Acai Balance contains 100% pure acai berries, as well as fat burners and antioxidants that purify and helps burn fat calories, which have been stored in cells throughout the body. Two Acai Balance capsules a day will add quality and value to each life experience. Acai Balance contain acai berry extract, green tea extract which is an antioxidant and has anti-aging properties, mangosteen which is a tropical fruit that’s known for its nutrients and antioxidants and Pomegranate which contains antioxidants that help in weight loss and mental well being. Acai Balance is a powerful supplement that increases stamina, boosts the energy level and is an important ingredient in a healthy weight loss program. There are a lot of acai berry products on the market, but Acai Balance is in a class of its own when it comes to producing the results you need to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

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