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Are Acai Berry Free Trials a Scam?

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The acai berry has been dubbed the “Number 1 Superfood” in the world since 2006 when their popularity shot upwards after Dr Nicholas Perricone touted the health benefits of acai berries on Oprah. After that, news sources such as CNN prompted studies to find that all the claims were true for legitimate acai berry supplements. To battle any skepticism, some companies offer acai berry free trials to allow consumers to test the benefits for themselves for a limited period of time. An acai berry free trial is perfect for anyone who wants to:

  • Lose weight rapidly
  • Increase fat metabolism
  • Increase energy
  • Fight cancer
  • Clear the mind
  • Strengthen the immune system
  • Improve heart and circulatory health
  • Look and feel years younger

But are some acai berry free trials scams?

Benefits of Acai Berry Free Trials

An acai berry free trial allows a consumer to try an acai berry product without risk. This is the best way to gain customer support and legitimate companies that produce acai berry supplements of the highest quality know this. These top supplement companies offer the acai berry free trial because they stand behind their product 100 percent and they are so sure the customer will return to them. Some companies are so confident, they will provide as much as a 30 day supply at no upfront cost. However, even with an acai berry free trial, there are unscrupulous companies who have found a way to use it to sell an inferior product, so a consumer interested in the health benefits of acai supplements must be careful to find a legitimate offer. Make sure you can reach the company be telephone.

Finding an Acai Berry Free Trial

An acai berry free trial is never offered at a traditional, local nutrition store. Acai berry free trials are limited to online distributors. Online distributors are much less expensive than regular retail stores, so this is of benefit to the consumer, but it means finding a legitimate company takes a little extra work. Finding an acai berry free trial requires a person to research the products that are available and the companies offering those products. It is essential in finding an acai berry free trial to read both customer and professional reviews. To help with this research, we have provided reviews of the top acai supplements and whether or not they offer an acai berry free trial.

How an Acai Berry Free Trial Works

All internet free trials work the same way – the company is hoping you will enjoy the product so much that you will want it every month.  When you accept a free trials you are enrolling in an autoship program – unless you cancel your membership, you will be shipped the product every month.  Legitimate companies make it easy for you to contact them to be telephone to change or cancel your membership.  Beware of companies that do not provide a phone number or are featured on consumer sites such as To learn more, read our article on acai berry scams

Acai Berry Reviews

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