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Are Acai Berries Dangerous? Learn About Acai Berry Side Effects.

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When any new supplement gains widespread popularity, questions arise as to the dangers. This is especially true when it comes to a “superfood” like the acai berry; it seems there must be a catch. Acai berries however, are 100 percent safe. Research has found absolutely no harmful acai berry side effects and thousands of people enjoy the benefits of acai berry supplements. Even so, some acai berry supplements do not live up to their own claims and caution must be taken in choosing the right supplement.

Common Side Effects

Drinking too much acai berry juice can lead to unpleasant side effects such as mild diarrhea and acid stomach. When consuming high quality acai supplements, side effects are rare.

Acai berry supplements commonly have the following desirable side effects:

  • Weight loss
  • Increased energy
  • Faster metabolism
  • Improved immune system
  • Improved circulatory system

Acai Berry Supplement Side Effects

Even though there are minimal side effects from pure acai berry, it is important to note that acai berry supplements can have side effects. This is for one of two reasons: either the supplement contains sub-par acai berries or the supplement contains other ingredients with side effects. Acai berries lose their effectiveness shortly after being picked and acai berry side effects can be caused by bad product. Supplements not using rapid freeze-dried berries do no good. These same supplements are the ones that often have other harmful ingredients.

Some of the more common filler ingredients include guarana (caffeine), other fruits, and sugar. In addition, a plethora of other untested ingredients are sometimes added with dangerous side effects or drug interactions.

Acai Berry Supplement with Least Side Effects

Good manufacturing practices led to acai berry supplements with few side effects. High quality supplements contain no harmful filler ingredients and will use acai berries freeze-dried within 8 hours of being harvested. The best acai supplement will not only provide the benefits listed above, but also will make a person look and feel healthier. Acai berry supplements can even detoxify the body and sharpen the mind. In most cases, high-quality supplements are even better than fresh acai fruit or juice since the extract is far more powerful and will not produce the fresh acai berry side effects associated with eating too much fruit, i.e. mild diarrhea.

When choosing the best acai supplement it’s not enough to look at only the ingredients of the product, but also it’s necessary to find out about the company that produces the acai product. Reputable companies will provide acai berry free trials, a money-back guarantee, or both. Knowledge is power.

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