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MonaVie Acai Juice

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MonaVie Acai Juice is a dietary supplement sold in health stores throughout the country. This product is piggybacking off the recent popularity of Acai Berry supplements featured on top TV talk shows and health magazines. So, how does this juice compare to the tested and true supplements?

MonaVie Acai Juice Ingredients

Best Acai berry supplements While MonaVie Acai Juice obviously contains the Acai Berry as a feature ingredient, it also includes a blend of many other fruits, including pomegranate, blueberry, kiwi, banana, passion fruit, cranberry, grape, pear, and several other vitamin-rich fruits. While all of these fruits are certainly healthy, this leads into one of the larger problems with MonaVie Acai Juice—the Acai Berry is diluted among all these other fruits.

The simple truth is the Acai Berry has enough medicinal benefits to stand on its own two feet. Adding in other fruits just takes away from the already amazing benefits of the Acai Berry. This takes the juice from a super supplement to just an average vitamin-rich juice.

MonaVie Acai Berry Juice

Since MonaVie Acai Juice is just another health drink, you’d assume it’d be priced similarly to other vitamin-rich products. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. MonaVie Acai Juice costs far more than any other juice you’ll find at the health food store. It also gives no money-back guarantees, and it makes no claims for results it can produce.

In short, MonaVie Acai Juice is founded upon a good idea—bring the benefits of the Acai Berry into a simple to drink juice. However, whenever the makers of this product started adding in a laundry list of other fruits, the novelty of their product was stripped away, making it just another in a long line of vitamin-rich juices.

Less Costly Alternatives to Acai Berry Juice

For this reason, Acai Berry supplements are still the most effective Acai products on the market. These supplements aren’t diluted with other unnecessary ingredients. Instead, products like Acai Balance understand the Acai Berry should be allowed to work its magic alone. Tampering with a proven formula only results in a weaker concentration. We've reviewed the leading acai berry supplements. Read our reviews.

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