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Acai Boom claims that use of this product will help you to “lose weight and feel great” and also “flush away toxins and look your best”. Any relevant information proving these claims is absent from the site. There are several reviews and article excerpts on the benefits of the acai berry, but nothing that directly relates to the benefits of Acai Boom. You also will not find a single customer testimonial or product review.

Acai Boom Ingredients

The official website for Acai Boom does not list any of the product’s ingredients. However, you will find the nutrition facts for acai berries. Consequently, without the ingredients for the product being listed, you have no way of knowing how relevant this information is. This is because you cannot know how much acai the product actually contains.

Buy Acai Boom

The actual cost of this product is not listed on the opening page of the product's official website. Instead, you are offered a free trial of the product for $5.95 shipping and handling. Once you enter the website, after signing up with them and giving them your mailing information, you will find the price of the product. At first glance you may be unaware that the cost is listed, but below the order form in the legal disclaimer is where you will find it. The price per bottle (a thirty day supply) is $79.95 plus $5.95 S&H. So what is the cost of a bottle of Acai Berry Boom? $85.90.

Acai Boom Free Trial

The website offers a 14 day free trial of Acai Berry Boom if you pay shipping and handling. It also tells you that there are a limited amount of bottles left and that you have a limited time to respond (15 minutes). If you do decide to pay for the free trial, you are charged the initial $5.95 for shipping and handling and agreeing to be enrolled in their monthly reorder program where you are automatically charged each month. After this, if you decide you like the product and wish to continue taking it or if you fail to cancel your order within the 14 day trial period, your credit card will be charged $79.95 for the trail bottle, and then $79.95 plus S&H every month thereafter. If you are unsatisfied with the product, you can return it unopened with the receipt for a refund less another $5.95 shipping and handling fee and a 20 percent restocking fee.

Does Acai Boom Work?

Currently there are no clinical trials of Acai Boom available to prove or disprove the product's effectiveness. Actually, the website makes no direct claim pertaining to the product itself but only touts the benefits of the acai berry. It suggests that use of the product will result in more energy and an improvement to your general state of health, weight reduction, improved sexual desire, and more radiant skin. All of these claims and the advertised product reviews are related to the direct benefits of the acai berry alone.

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