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Genesis Today Acai 100 Review

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The tribesman of the Amazon have been using Acai berries for thousands of years to fight infection, boost their stamina and help them survive when food was scarce. The little purple berries come from a palm tree that grows in the Amazon rainforest; the skins of the berries contain powerful antioxidants. The diet supplement market is filled with Acai berry products and Genesis Today Acai 100 is a liquid that contains Acai berry juice.

Genesis Today Acai 100 Review

Genesis Today Acai 100 is marketed by Genesis Today based, in Austin Texas. They claim that in every ounce of juice you get thirty thousand milligrams of pure Acai juice. It supposedly has additional nutrients and amino acids, plus essential fatty acids that help boost the body’s immune system. Genesis Today claims that Genesis Today Acai 100 will increase your metabolism without additional additives and preservatives. Genesis Today claims there are no gimmicks surrounding their Acai product and it can produce results, when it is combined with a diet and exercise plan.

Genesis Today Acai 100 Ingredients

Genesis Today contains 100% Acai Fruit Juice

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Genesis Today recommends that one ounce of juice should be taken before every meal. A 32 ounce bottle is $35.99 on Amazon and you can buy 6 bottles and get 1 free. A 32 ounce bottle is about a one week’s supply.

Does Genesis Today Acai 100 Gold Work?

Genesis Today Acai 100 claims that it is wild harvested Acai Berry Juice, with no added juices, water, sweeteners or preservatives. But as far as the true benefits are concerned, the reviews written by customers who have used the product are divided. Some people wrote their energy levels increased, and that they felt stronger overall. Others claimed it was watered down and had no effect on them. One ongoing issue worth being concerned about is the potency of the juice--it seems that one batch of juice is not consistent with the next batch. For a $140 a pop, shouldn’t the quality of the product be confirmed? Acai Genesis gives us no such reassurance. Visit our acai berry reviews page.

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