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Ola Acai Review

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The Brazilian fruit known as acai has been used for thousands of years to improve health and overall well being. Ola Acai supposedly contains all the ingredients found in the small purple berries of Acai and claims to have all the vitamins and minerals that make this fruit a super food.

Ola Acai Review

There are several supplements that contain Acai berries. Most of them contain the fruit extract from the South American palm tree that produces them. Ola Acai marketed by Merazon Health Products, claims to lower bad cholesterol, helps the skin maintain a youthful appearance and claims it keeps the blood vessels open, so blood circulates freely through the body and helps the nervous system function effectively. All of these claims are based on Ola Acai’s statement that it contains antioxidant, antibacterial and antimutagenic properties of Acai berries in their natural state. Ola Acai claims it contains the highest quality ingredients

Ola Acai Ingredients

Ola Acai contains 100% Acai Extract.

Ola Acai Cost

Ola Acai recommends that 2 capsules be taken daily. A bottle of 60 capsules is $39.99, but there are several special prices on the website. Each capsule is 500 mg. One bottle is a one month supply.

Ola Acai Free Trial

The Ola Acai website offers a free bottle of 60 capsules for a $9.99 shipping and handling fee. When you sign up for the offer you may also be enrolled in the auto-service that refills your order every three months, at the reduced price of $29.97 per bottle. More information is available on the company website.

Does Ola Acai Work?

Most Acai supplements do offer some benefits. Reviews written about Ola Acai say it helps promote a sound and more restful sleep and others say they have more energy. Some reviewers said they felt no difference and some users said it didn’t help them lose weight. Any supplement should be combined with a balanced diet and an exercise program, especially if the goal is to lose weight.

One of the most effective acai berry products available is Acai Balance. Acai Balance helps boosts the immune system, increases the energy level and burns fat. Acai Balance is a blend of powerful antioxidants that produces results, when it is combined with a healthy lifestyle. Learn more.

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