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The Many Faces of Acai Berries

best acai berry product By now, you’ve probably heard something about the new “#1 Super Food” the Acai Berry. From raving reviews on Oprah to features in several health magazines, the Acai Berry is the hottest supplement on the market right now.

Because of its amazing health benefits, the Acai Berry is being used in an array of natural health products. It can be confusing for a consumer who’s trying to figure out which form of Acai Berry is most effective.

Acai Berries

Best Acai berry supplements Acai Berries in their natural form haven’t been diluted by any other substances, but they can be difficult to use in berry form. The easiest way to use natural Acai Berries is to cook with them. Use Acai Berries when cooking in place of raisins, grapes, or blueberries.

Acai Juice

MonaVie Acai Juice is probably the best known form of this wonder-berry. You can find it at health food stores, grocery stores, and in smoothie form at numerous drink shops. The best thing about the juice is that it’s easy to take and it tastes delicious. The only problem with smoothies is they contain other ingredients that can be fattening, thus undoing the work of the Acai Berry.

Acai Pulp

For many who can’t find the Acai Berry in fruit form, frozen Acai pulp is available. Many supermarkets contain the pulp in the freezer section. With the frozen Acai pulp, you can make a juice, smoothie, or various deserts. In its frozen form, the Acai Berry is still packed with antioxidants and other health-enhancing nutrients.

Acai Supplements

Acai supplements have risen significantly in popularity over the past few months. They’ve replaced the numerous fad weight loss drugs, and the Acai Berry supplements are producing never before seen results. The other great thing about Acai supplements is they are simple and quick to take. Instead of spending time cooking them or blending them into a smoothie, simply take the pill daily to receive all of the same benefits.

Acai Balance is the leading supplement on the market. It contains all of the powerful benefits of the Acai Berry in a simple to take pill. Read our Acai Balance review.

Acai Berry Reviews

We reviewed the leading acai berry supplements. See which ones are chock full of health benefits and which are a waste of money