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FrutaVida Review

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Emerging from the Amazon rainforest, comes yet another product boasting about its ability to promote good health and bodily cleansing. FrutaVida, which means “Fruit of Life”, claims to boost your energy level while cleansing your body with many different antioxidants. Originally labeled “Taste of the Rainforest” Superfood Formula, FrutaVida combines Amazon rainforest fruits and teas to create an energy drink that is supposed to boost your stamina and be good for your body.

FrutaVida Review

FrutaVida comes in two different sized containers. It can be bought in a large 30 oz. bottle that you can keep in your refrigerator. Many people take advantage of the larger sized bottle making it easy to drink with breakfast for an early morning boost. FrutaVida also comes in a smaller 1.5 oz. bottle for those on the go. The smaller, easily carried bottle of FrutaVida can be taken with you in your pocket or purse and used whenever you would need it throughout the day. This low calorie energy drink is also low in sodium and carbohydrates. FrutaVida only has 15 calories, 10 mg of sodium, and 4 g of sugar per 1 oz. serving.

FrutaVida Ingredients

FrutaVida combines many different ingredients, but the main three advertised ingredients of FrutaVida are Acai, Cupuacu, and Yerba Mate. Acai comes from a berry packed with many essential vitamins and antioxidants. Cupuacu is a fruit that contains many more antioxidants. Yerba Mate is a tea that contains mateine, a similar chemical to caffeine. Mateine has been reported to boost energy like caffeine, but it is supposed to react in a milder way than caffeine.

FrutaVida Cost

The 30 oz. bottle of FrutaVida sells from $34.95 to $39.95 depending on who you buy it from. The 1.5 oz. sample bottles of FrutaVida seem to be only available for purchase through larger packages that boost the cost. The recommended amount for consumption is 6 oz. of FrutaVida a day. If you follow the recommendation, then the 30 oz. bottle would last five days. At that rate, the average monthly cost of FrutaVida would be around $210. That seems a bit costly for an energy drink.

FrutaVida Guarantee

FrutaVida does, however, provide a 30 day “No Questions Asked” money back guarantee. The company states that if the buyer is unhappy with the product within 30 days, then he or she can send the empty bottle back for a full refund. The shipping and handling costs are not mentioned. FrutaVida is sold through many individuals who are trying to create their own businesses. Each individual FrutaVida seller may have his or her own promotions.

Does FrutaVida work?

It's hard to say if it would truly invigorate you while cleansing your body of toxins. FrutaVida does contain a chemical that is basically a form of caffeine. Caffeine is known to give your body an energy boost, but it often comes with side effects. There are many other quality, and less expensive acai berry products available online.

Update - there's a new garcinia cambogia product on the market that is much more effective for weight loss than FrutaVida. Learn about Garcinia Max.

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