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Fruta Vida Review

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Acai berries have been a topic of conversation for the last several years. Acai Berries come from a palm tree that grows in the rainforest of Brazil. Native Brazilians have been using the berries to cure illness and to increase their stamina and energy level for centuries. The modern world has discovered the healing properties of Acai berries and now they can be found in supplements everywhere. One of those supplements is Fruta Vida, which means fruit of life. Fruta Vida advertises that it is a vitality drink without the jitters.

Fruta Vida Review

Fruta Vida is a blend of Acai berries, Cupuacu and Yerba Mate. Fruta Vida advertisements claim that it contains antioxidants and essential nutrients and vitamins. It supposedly improves the sex drive, makes you sleep better, helps you lose weight and fights heart disease. Fruta Vida can be used to replace a meal or between meals to supposedly boost your energy level. It claims to be one of the best weight loss programs you’ll find anywhere. Fruta Vida it’s 100 % safe and has a money back guarantee. Making claims and getting results are two different things. Fruta Vida makes a lot of the claims, but usually reviews written by real users tell the real story.

Fruta Vida Ingredients

Fruta Vida contains Acai Berry juice, Cupuacu, which is a South American fruit and Yerba Mate, which is also known as the Green Tea of South America.

Fruta Vida Cost

A 30 ounce bottle of Fruta Vida is $39.95 on the company’s website. Fruta Vida is also offered on other websites for $34.95. A 30 ounce bottle is a one month supply.

Does Fruta Vida Work?

Everyone wants a liquid supplement to perform, as well as taste good. Some of the reviews written by people who have used Fruta Vida say that the taste is okay. Other reviewers said that the caffeine in the Yerba gave them a little energy boost, but nothing special. Other reviewers complain about the price. As far as weight loss results and other health benefits related to Fruta Vida use, there's not enough information to report.

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