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How do you chose the best acai berry supplement?

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Acai berries are the number one superfood in the world. Introduced into mainstream America by Dr. Nicholas Perricone on Oprah Winfrey’s television show, an acai berry supplement or juice can now be found in every grocery store in the country. The acai berry is from a palm tree native to Central and South America. It thrives in the Amazon rain forest regions of Brazil. This small, dark purple berry is at the heart of acai berry supplements. Acai berries have many potent benefits, primarily weight loss, fat metabolism, and anti-aging. These benefits are the result of the acai berry being high in antioxidants and amino acids and acai berry supplements are 4 times as powerful. Other proven effects of acai berry supplements are:

  • Burns fat
  • Improves skin elasticity
  • Improves heart and cardiovascular health
  • Increases energy
  • Elevates mood
  • Detoxifies blood and the colon

Acai Berry Supplement Benefits

High quality acai berry supplements are more effective than fruit, juices, or powders. Studies show that most all acai benefits are lost only 8 hours after harvest. For this reason, a good acai berry supplement will use berries that are harvested and immediately freeze dried. Health benefits are locked into freeze dried acai berry supplements, whereas in the fruit and juice, the benefits diminish with each hour after harvest.

Juices are expensive and most often the acai berry juice is diluted with water, sugar, or other juices. Powders are also no good because, as with any dietary supplement, dosage is important and so much easier when pre-measured. An acai berry supplement has the advantage over juices and powders in every way.

Correct Acai Berry Supplement Dosage

Dosage is important with all dietary supplements and acai berry supplements are no exception. To receive the maximum benefits, an acai berry supplement must contain a minimum proprietary blend of 700 mg per dose. Some supplements, like Acai Balance, have 850 mg with 4:1 acai berry extract ratio. Some acai berry supplement manufacturers do not fully disclosed their dosage information and these products should be avoided.

Other acai berry supplement manufacturers mix the acai berry supplement with other ingredients and some of these can have side effects. Some of the safe and effective ingredients in an acai berry supplement are green tea extract, mangosteen, and pomegranate. Weight loss is a science and without following the proper formula, your health and your wallet can be adversely affected.

Can Acai Berry Supplements Help Me Lose Weight?

A good acai berry supplement is an effective means of losing weight but not all acai berry supplements are alike. To achieve the maximum weight loss and anti-aging benefits, juices and powders should be avoided and supplements must list dosage information. 700 mg or greater of an acai berry supplement proprietary blend will deliver all the benefits. Weight loss is a breeze with an effective acai berry supplement because it increases fat metabolism to help get rid of stubborn body fat.

A good acai berry supplement will also be backed by a fair and honest company, providing either free trials or having a money-back guarantee. Several product reviews should be read before deciding on an acai berry supplement. to discover what we have found to be the most effective product, read our acai berry supplement reviews.

Acai Berry Reviews

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