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What's the Best Acai Berry Product - Juice, Powder, or Supplement?

best acai berry product

The acai berry has become universally recognized as the number one superfood in the world. Acai berries ability to slow the effects of aging and aid in rapid weight loss are scientifically documented. This acclaim has led to a flood of acai berry products onto the market. Unfortunately, many of these acai berry products are inferior and do not provide all the benefits as claimed. One form of acai berry product is a powder extract. Powder extracts are inferior to extracts in supplement form. Correct dosages are extremely important when using any dietary supplement and powders are notorious for being measured improperly and they can also contain adulterant fillers that can dilute the amount of acai berry extract or cause potentially debilitating side effects.

Acai Berry Juice Products

Besides the raw fruit itself, the original acai berry product is juice. Acai berry juice has recently lost popularity to other acai berry products because the juice has been shown to be deficient in providing health benefits, diluted, or price inflated. Sometimes all three are true. Acai berries lose potency very rapidly after being picked. Health benefits of acai berries are completely lost after only 8 hours. The juice can slow this process but it cannot stop it. Juice, as an acai berry product, is often so diluted as to be ineffective. The acai berry juice is mixed with other juices and the exact ratio is undisclosed. Juice is more expensive than other acai berry products such as supplements. Additionally, juice is very high in calories. Since most people use an acai berry product to lose weight, drinking juice does just the opposite and weight can be gained because of the high calories.

Acai Berry Supplements

The best acai berry product is a supplement in capsule or tablet form. An acai berry supplement provides the maximum health benefits, delivered in the most efficient method, for the best possible price. Acai berry supplements are 4 times as powerful as fresh berries and juice. The supplements are also in pre-measured doses, either in capsule or tablet form, to eliminate dosage mistakes and ensure enough acai berry product is being taken and to eliminate taking more than necessary. Supplements are also the most affordable type of acai berry product, especially when compared to juices. Some of the benefits to be enjoyed from an acai berry product in supplement form are:

  • Rapid weight loss
  • Speedy fat metabolism
  • Stronger immune system
  • Healthier, more youthful skin
  • Improved circulation
  • Blood and colon detoxification

Best Acai Berry Product

While supplements are the best acai berry product, not all supplements are equally effective. There is some bad acai berry product on the market. The best acai berry supplements have a minimum of ingredients. Pomegranate, mangosteen, and green tea extract are safe additions to acai berry extract but any other ingredients can be dangerous and cause side effects. The best acai berry product will also be backed by an honest and fair company. The company should provide either a free trial, a money-back guarantee, or both. The company should also be easy to contact and not appear on consumer sites such as

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Acai Berry Reviews

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