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Acai Supreme Review

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If you are at all health conscious you have surely heard of the new super food called the acai berry. Acai berries come from the Amazon rainforest, and researchers proclaim that these miraculous berries are an excellent source of anti-oxidants which accelerate weight loss, prevent diseases, and combat premature aging. Acai berries can be freeze dried and made into powders to use in dietary supplements. One new dietary supplements is Acai Supreme, an all natural weight loss supplement said to help you lose weight, boost your immune system, and improve the look of your skin.

Acai Supreme Review

Acai Supreme is supposedly optimized to help you cleanse your system, which will in turn help you lose extra pounds while helping to build a lean and healthy body. It promises to help you lose weight and keep it off as well as maximize your metabolism and energy level. Because Acai Supreme is an all natural product you can expect no lingering side effects.

Acai Supreme Ingredients

Acai Supreme offers 100% all natural acai berries in its formula. By making acai berry the only ingredient Acai Supreme promises that the powerful affects of the acai berry will not be diluted by other ingredients. Only the best acai products feature just the acai berry and therefore offer the full range of the acai berry benefits.

Buy Acai Supreme

A bottle of Acai Supreme will run you about $79.95 per bottle plus shipping, which is a little higher than most other acai berry supplements. This would include 60 capsules of Acai Supreme at 1000 mg per capsule.

Acai Supreme Free Trial:

If you would like a free trial of Acai Supreme you would just have to pay shipping and handling fee. Your credit card information will be kept on file and will be charged after your free trial has been expired. Acai Supreme offers a two week free trial, however the free trial starts once the order is placed. Most orders are received within five to seven days, however some people have reported up to twelve days to receive their product which does not leave much time to actually try the product.

Does Acai Supreme Work?

Users of Acai Supreme have reported some weight loss and improvements to their skin such as a decrease in acne and a more even skin tone. They also have experienced an increase in energy, and less fatigue throughout the day. Some customers though have also reported no weight loss, or change in complexion at all.

The average weight loss you can expect from Acai Supreme is about 4 pounds after the first week.

In conclusion, if you have experience with other acai berry products and are just looking to try something new, then Acai Supreme is overall a good product and may satisfy your needs. However, if you are just starting a new diet regimen and have never tried acai berry supplement there are other products that seem to show better results with novice users. Visit our acai berry reviews page.

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