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Acai berries are a modern world discovery, but they have been used for thousands of years in the rainforest of the Amazon. Native Brazilians have been using Acai berries to fight infections, build stamina and to maintain a sense of well being for decades. The Acai berry palm tree produces little purple berries and the natives discovered that the skin of the berry is filled with nutrients and antioxidants.

Acai Gold Review

Acai Gold is one of many acai supplements that has been introduced to the modern world as a remedy for fatigue, obesity, and for relieving anxiousness and uneasiness. Acai Gold claims that it is 100% organic, all natural and is kosher as well. Acai Gold is a liquid that supposedly has anti-aging qualities, is non-allergenic and is easily absorbable. It also claims it boosts energy, is high in fiber and generally improves the metabolism, and has the ability to aid in weight loss. Acai Gold is marketed by Dynamic Health Laboratories based in New York. They promote several products in liquid form, which supposedly add more nutrients and vitamins to a daily diet.

Acai Gold Ingredients

Acai Gold’s website says that their product is Pure Acai Juice.

Acai Gold Cost

The regular retail price of Acai Gold is $34.99.

Does Acai Gold Work?

Almost all supplements offer something to the consumer. Almost everyone receives a benefit of some kind unless the product completely misrepresents itself. Some people prefer a liquid over a capsule and claim that the liquid works best for them. Most of the reviews from people who have used Acai Gold say that they got some results. They all had different issues and Acai Gold helped them feel better in some way, although it’s hard to tell exactly what it did for them.

One of the most effective acai berry products available today is Acai Balance. If you need to burn more fat calories, increase your strength and stamina plus boost your immune system, Acai Balance’s blend of powerful antioxidants that has proven results. The formula is a combination of acai berry extract, green tea extract, mangosteen and pomegranate. All of the ingredients provide essential nutrients and the antioxidants needed to protect your body from free radicals that can cause illness. Acai Balance helps burn fat calories, which are stored in cells throughout your body and helps the immune system function properly.

Acai Berry Reviews

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