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Acai Blast Review

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You may have heard people talking about the benefits of the acai berry on TV and on the internet. Many people are wondering about what products like Acai Blast can do for them and if they can help improve their health and well being. One first needs to understand what acai products consists of. Most acai products are derived from the berry of the acai palm (acai is pronounced Ah-Sah-EE), which grows in the tropical regions of South America, most notably in Brazil. The problem with the berry is that it spoils rather quickly, so it is difficult to export to other countries in its original form.

Acai Blast Review

Due to the overwhelming attention that is being given to the acai berry, many people are wondering if this product actually works or if it is just another diet product that produces poor or no results. According to the makers of Acai Blast, their products contains all natural ingredients. They also claim that Acai Blast has the purest and more potent form of Acai, extracted by a process that took several months to perfect. One thing worth noting, that despite its properties, it is not a “magic pill”, and while it is helpful in losing weight, you should also remember that adopting a healthy lifestyle such as regular exercise will help significantly increase the benefits of Acai Blast.

Acai Blast Ingredients

Acai Blast pills contain a mix of both pure and concentrated forms of Acai extract. To give you even more benefits, Acai Blast has 3 more ingredients: Hawaiian Noni extract, Resveratrol, and green tea extract, which has properties that stimulate the immune system, increasing the amount of “natural killer” cells, which fight bacteria and viruses in the human body.

Acai Blast Cost

The price of a month's supply of Acai Blast is $79.95, which makes it a bit pricey. However, Acai Blast offers you a free trial, during which you will be sent the first month's supply for free (you pay a shipping fee) and have 14 days to evaluate the benefits of the product. If you are not satisfied with it, you can cancel the trial offer and return the unused portion of the product.

Does Acai Blast Work?

Does Acai Blast work? Considering actual customer reviews, it would appear that Acai Blast works for some, and not at all for others. Another factor to consider is while it has all the necessary ingredients to help you shed some pounds, Acai Blast is till pricey, which is more than many consumers can afford.

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