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Finding the Best Acai Berry Product

best acai berry product

Based on the sheer number of products on the market, finding the best acai berry product can feel like a daunting task. There are several broad categories of acai berry products available. These include fresh or frozen berries, juices, and supplements. Fresh berries can be discarded right off the bat unless you are living in Central or South America where they are grown. Fresh is not the best acai berry product because they lose all of their healthy properties only 8 hours after harvest. That’s not even enough time to fly them in. The best acai berry product will have been tested and thoroughly reviewed by both experts and consumers alike.

Best Acai Berry Product Reviews

The best acai berry product can be determined by doing the research and reading all the reviews. Reviews for the best acai berry product should examine several criteria. Effectiveness is, of course, the number one factor in determining the best acai berry product but the safety of any additional ingredients must also be weighed. Some added ingredients, such as green tea extract and pomegranate can provide extra benefits without any side effects, but some other ingredients can be dangerous. The other determining factor in discovering the best acai berry product is the customer service and reliability of the company. The best acai berry product will be distributed by a company with email and telephone support. The company should also be able to guarantee the product if the customer is not satisfied and offer retail purchases in addition to free trials .

Acai Supplements vs. Acai Juice Products

Acai juice products are currently the most popular but this does not mean that a juice is the best acai berry product. There are several reasons why acai berry supplements are the best acai products. Juices, while popular, dilute the actual acai berry juice with other fruit juices. To make matters worse, the companies do not disclose how much of each juice is in the product. As much as the acai berry juice is diluted, the price of juice products is inflated. Supplements are not only 4 times more powerful than juice, but the quantity of acai berry extract is disclosed. Disclosure of quantities and dosages is important and the best acai berry product will contain a proprietary blend of at least 700 mg. Another distinction between juice and supplements is that juice is very high in calories so that drinking enough juice to provide health benefits is counter-productive to weight loss, which is one of the top reasons people are looking for the best acai berry product.

What’s The Best Acai Berry Product?

The best acai berry product is in supplement form, we have determined that much. Now the problem becomes which supplement is the best. Consumer reviews tend to favor products such as Acai Balance and Acai Berry Select. These supplements have met with high standards on several criteria. To help you discover the best acai berry product, we have evaluated leading brands for effectiveness, safety, and customer service. Learn more.

Acai Berry Reviews

We reviewed the leading acai berry supplements. See which ones are chock full of health benefits and which are a waste of money