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Acai Berry 500 Review

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Acai berries have become one of the number one dietary fads on the market today. Because of their numerous health benefits, many people take acai berry supplements to boost their diet and exercise routines. Acai berries offer benefits such as: improved energy, a huge number of anti-oxidants, improved blood circulation, and better skin. With all of these benefits it is no wonder that there are so many acai berry supplements on the market. One of the popular choices is Acai Berry 500.

Acai Berry 500 Review

Acai Berry 500 comes in capsule form. A few chewable pills are taken each day to jumpstart a diet or exercise plan, or just to gain more energy throughout the day. Taking the supplements is supposed to give all of the benefits that eating fresh acai berries would give individuals. About 50% of people who have taken Acai Berry 500 supplements feel like it was effective in helping them achieve their goals. The other 50% percent of people who have tried Acai Berry 500 feel it was not worth the price or did not help them achieve their goals.

Acai Berry 500 Ingredients

The exact ingredients contained in Acai Berry 500 products are unknown. The formula is supposedly kept secret to keep other companies from stealing the Acai Berry 500 secrets. Acai berry is blended with other weight-loss and energy boosting ingredients to get rid of toxins from the body. Any persons with allergies to certain foods should avoid taking the Acai Berry 500 supplements as well as anyone who is concerned about the validity or legality of any of the unlisted ingredients.

Acai Berry 500 Cost

The cost of Acai Berry 500 is $89.31 per month. It is possible to buy Acai Berry 500 from several different places. Any Internet search for Acai Berry 500 will pull up several sites to purchase the supplement. Sometimes the items can be purchased for a reduced rate in certain places. Currently a free trial is also being offered for the product.

Acai Berry 500 is currently running a special where a one month’s supply of the supplement can be purchased for just the cost of shipping. The shipping cost varies per site, and generally runs from around $5 to around $2 for shipping and handling.

Does Acai Berry 500 Work?

The question that everyone wants answered is: does Acai Berry 500 work? The answer is both yes and no. It appears that most people that have taken the Acai Berry 500 supplement report some weight loss and increased energy. However, after 2-4 weeks the weight loss stops. Some people report feeling energized after continued use, but others regain their old level of energy. This means that after the free trial the product is very unlikely to give continued results. As a quick way to lose a couple of pounds Acai Berry 500 is a good supplement, but at almost $90 a month, continued use of Acai Berry 500 is not worth the high price.

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