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Acai Berry Boom Review

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Acai berry has been found to be one of the most powerful fruits in the world due to the high number of anti-oxidants, the immunity boost, the cancer-fighting capabilities, and the increased energy that it gives to people who regularly eat the berry. The acai berry looks similar to a blueberry. It is small and round, and has a purplish hue. The taste of the Acai berry is a mixture between a regular berry and chocolate. Because of these health benefits, many products have come onto the market that use acai berries as the main ingredient. Acai Berry Boom is one such supplement. Acai Berry Boom is a capsulated form of the acai berry.

Acai Berry Boom Review

On the Acai Berry Boom website, there are no direct claims to what the product will do for each individual. Lists are given of people who have takes Acai Berry Boom and have reported great amounts of weight loss and increased energy. Acai Berry Boom also claims to achieve all the same results as the acai berry would achieve if individuals were eating the berries straight. Conducting a search online showed that only a small amount of Acai Berry Boom customers were satisfied with the product.

Acai Berry Boom Ingredients

It is impossible to find a list of ingredients of Acai Berry Boom on their website or anywhere else. Acai berry is assumed to be a large portion of what the supplement contains, but there is no factual list of any other ingredients that may also be included. For this reason people with severe allergies to certain ingredients should not take the Acai Berry Boom products. It is possible to call the Acai Berry Boom customer service line but expect a long wait time before speaking with a representative.

Buy Acai Berry Boom

To buy Acai Berry Boom one of the easiest ways is to visit their official website. They offer a one month’s supply free when shipping and handling is paid for. The only way to get the free supply, however, is to enroll in their auto-ship program. The regular cost of the Acai Berry Boom supplements is $59.95. It is possible to cancel from the auto-ship program, but the long wait to speak to customer service will make the process difficult.

The Acai Berry Boom free trial is a way for customers to try Acai Berry Boom before committing to pay a monthly fee. This offer is meant to inspire validity to the product because they are so sure that it works that they will give it away to prove it. However, as mentioned above, the only way to get the free trial is to sign up for auto-shipments of future supplies of Acai Berry Boom.

Does Acai Berry Boom Work?

What everyone wants to know is: Does Acai Berry Boom work? The jury is still out on this. From the mixed customer reviews it’s hard to say if it works, and more importantly, if it’s worth the cost. It comes down to each individual to see for themselves. However, since there are so many other acai berry supplements available, it might be wiser to select an acai berry product with proven results, outstanding customer service, and an official ingredient list, like our top-rated product, Acai Balance.

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