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Benefits of Acai Berry Juice and Supplements

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In only a little over two years, acai berries and acai juice have gone from being regional Central and South American fruit to being found in grocery and nutrition stores worldwide. Acai berries and acai juice have acquired numerous titles, including number 1 superfood and healthiest food on the planet. This is no passing fad, either.

Scientific studies have shown acai juice and supplements made from the acai berry to provide several health benefits. Acai juice is high in antioxidants, amino acids, and protein. The antioxidants and amino acids are in such concentrations that their consumption helps in weight loss, fat metabolism, and skin rejuvenation. Acai juice also has several more benefits, such as:

  • Increased energy
  • Fights and prevents cancer
  • Detoxifies the body
  • Boosts the cardiovascular system
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Slows the aging process

Acai Juice vs. Supplements

Acai juice initially received the most attention and the highest accolades of acai products but acai supplements in capsule or tablet form are now considered the most effective means of gaining the full benefits. The problem with the acai berry is that its anti-aging and weight loss benefits are diminish quickly after being picked. It is estimated that eight hours after harvest, most benefits are lost. Acai juice extends the life of the berry, but certainly not indefinitely.

The only way to preserve the benefits of the acai berries is to freeze-dry them just after harvest. After freeze-drying, a concentrated extract can be produced for supplements that is 4 times as powerful as acai juice. Acai juice is also very high in calories, which counteracts its weight loss effect, and acai juice is also extremely expensive when compared to the extract supplements.

What are MonaVie Juices? Does MonaVie Juice Contain Real Acai?

MonaVie Juice is a health drink that promises to provide the benefits of acai juice. While MonaVie does contain some acai juice, it is impossible to know just how much. MonaVie blends acai juice with pomegranate, blueberry, kiwi, cranberry, and grape juice without providing the information on exactly how much of each. MonaVie has cashed in on the popularity of acai juice by providing a diluted product at a price far steeper than other health drinks. There are many other acai juice drinks being sold today using the same sneaky business model as MonaVie. A good acai supplement will always be made in strengths that provide the actual benefits, unlike MonaVie acai juice.

Best Acai Berry Supplement

The best acai berry supplement will always outperform acai juice and provide more benefits than acai juice. A good acai supplement will not be overloaded with unnecessary and potentially harmful ingredients. A good acai supplement also will be made to quality standards so that it is 4 times stronger than even the freshest acai juice. Like MonaVie acai juice, there are also supplements that do not stand up to the test. Not only should the supplement itself be looked at, but the company providing the supplement must be trustworthy and follow the best business practices.

Free trials with a money-back guarantee are a good way for customers to test acai berry products. We have already found the most effective acai berry supplements for you – read our reviews.

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