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Although the acai berry has been around for thousands of years, it wasn’t introduced to America until the late 1990’s. Only recently has everyone started to witness the amazing benefits this berry produces firsthand. From lowering your cholesterol to improving your digestion and increasing your energy to improving your mentally clarity, the acai berry is truly becoming known as America’s #1 Super Food.

But where does this miracle supplement come from? What follows is a brief history of this amazing little berry.

Acai Berry History

Best Acai berry supplements The acai berry was originally used in the Amazon jungle to treat a variety of ailments. Some tribes use this berry exclusively in their diet, and they live long, healthy lives. In short, the medicinal benefits of the acai berry are nothing new. It’s just taken a while for the American public to catch on to how potent this berry really is.

The tribes of the Amazon discovered that taking the acai berry regularly helped improve their immune system. When eating the berry regularly, they got sick less often, felt more energetic, and fought off numerous medical conditions. They even used the berry to make wines for everyone to drink. The more they took the acai berry, the more benefits they realized the fruit could produce.

Where Does Acai Berry Grow?

The acai berry is grown on large palm trees in the Amazon rainforest. In the past, members of the tribe would climb up the tree to fetch the berries. However, once everyone discovered the medicinal benefits of this berry, it became mass produced. The acai berry was then sent by boat to markets throughout the world.

It wasn’t until just a few short years ago that the acai berry was introduced to western civilization. It was first found in energy bars, juices, and other health snacks. Once everyone in America learned of the unique properties of the berry, they began demanding more of it. This is when acai berry supplements started to hit the market. Since the advent of these supplements, the acai berry has been featured on many of the top TV talk shows such as Oprah and Rachael Ray Show.

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Acai Berry Reviews

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